jueves, 16 de enero de 2014


en este video en el que hemos colaborado el Hospital Veterinario el Bosque y Bioaula, os ofrecemos la descripción y entrenamiento de un perro Dálmata con puntos marrones.

Un animal realmente exclusivo que trabaja para educación especial y terapias animales ayudando a personas discapacitadas y en riesgo de exclusión; niños y escuelas donde se aprende inglés.

Esperamos que disfrutéis tanto como nosotros de haberlo hecho.

Hospital Veterinario El Bosque and Bioaula got together to keep us updated on the characteristics and needs of a Dalmatian dog.
Deniz, a seven month old Dalmatian puppy with brown spots gives us a clear overview of the breed's profile.
Dalmatians are born white and spots don't come out until a few days later. They may either have black spots or brown spots, although the latter is less common.
As mentioned by its handler, it is a dynamic medium size dog that needs to burn energy and go through dog training sessions from an early age. They are very smart and make great family pets as long as they get their share of exercise every day. It is the ideal dog for sports lovers and for those who enjoy outdoor activities.
This breed has a fine smooth coat which is easy to manage with regular brushing. However, they shed a lot of hair all year round..
Dalmatians are good at performing different tasks. They have a finesense of smell and make excellent search dogs. In addition, they are outstanding therapy and educational dogs because of their good nature and playful character. Deniz is in fact training to be a future therapist assistant.